Dimension Two. Big on the Surface. Small in size.

Dimension Two_Audio_Console_-_side_viewThe way we see it, you should be able to get a television audio console that’s compact enough to fit into everyday operation, but big in all those ways that make it a great console for covering breaking news – even the outsized events.

With the new Dimension Two television audio console, we made sure you’d never run out of AUX, IFB, and mix-minus capability for this reason. It’s all onboard so that when you’re covering the Big Event, you can begin producing immediately. Dimension Two has 16 true audio groups, each of which can be mono, stereo, or 5.1 surround. There are 16 stereo AUX sends and 16 dedicated mix-minus busses, plus a bus-minus (N-1) output for every input channel (up to 128 in all). That's on top of the two stereo and two 5.1 surround master busses. Did we mention that full digital audio processing is available on every input channel and on all major output busses?

This console is small but can keep track of it all, even if you can’t. The announcers reporting in from who-knows-where, each needing an IFB? No problem. The three remote trucks, which means even more IFB and more backup? No problem, again. And, go ahead and add a music group that needs four monitor mixes and a stereo side fill. It’s all layered into Dimension Two’s sleek, low profile frame. No cutouts are required,

The Dimension Two can even automatically bring up the levels of only those microphones in a group that are in use and automatically crossfade between inputs as the switcher or automation system dissolves between video sources. You’ll see it all happen on large, high-resolution multifunction displays, with metering, channel/bus assignments, and programmable control functions all at a glance. There’s an LKFS meter for loudness monitoring built into the overbridge display, as well.

Plus, the Dimension Two is the first universal network audio console for television with reach into the most widely installed routing system, Wheatstone’s BRIDGE TDM, but is also equally at home with Wheatstone’s newer IP audio WheatNet-IP system that offers new benefits in networking. 

Dimension Two can connect broadcasters to all the new benefits IP networking offers, such as controlling and collecting audio where it’s used, or they can continue to use their trusted BRIDGE TDM network, which is central to many television operations today.

The new Dimension Two is based on Wheatstone’s proven Gibraltar mix engine technology for all those Wheatstone standout features, such as layered controls, true surround sound mixing, onboard processing, and channels and channels of mix-minus – plus delivers any source or console bus to any audio network destination over its IP or TDM network.


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