Quick Stop at WXXI

Web WXXI_TV_SUB_PRODUCTION_ROOM_2560-v2From time to time we check in with our customers to see how things are going. This month, we found the folks at WXXI AM/FM/TV in good spirits and busier than ever.

Kent Hatfield in charge of audio operations for WXXI television and radio showed us around the facility, which has clearly seen a lot of changes since the Rochester, New York, pubcaster set up shop with ten Wheatstone D-9 and G series consoles networked into a Wheatstone TDM system 12 years ago.

If we’ve done the math correctly, WXXI is generating 16 different media streams -- going from one AM, one FM and one TV station to six radio stations plus a multi-channel TV in the last decade. That’s not even including HD Radio channels and a PBS national program that WXXI started producing a while back. Oh, and did we mention that WXXI does a lot of live performances for its classical FM, including a seasonal gig with the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra?


We wanted to know how all that is even possible from one studio. Kent’s reply: “Too often stations build what they need, when they need it. But in our case, new demands have actually grown into our capabilities.”

In case you missed the stream on early radio with Scott Fybush and Peter King, broadcast from WXXI’s studios on October 7, here it is.

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