Finally, Audio Syncs In

GerritWell, look at that. Just when you thought audio and video couldn’t be more out of sync, you meet someone like Gerrit Bulten of Burst Video, The Netherlands.

He says he’s been itching to get his hands on television sound, but until recently, audio has been hands-off to video equipment suppliers like himself. That’s what audio specialists were for, after all.

Not so anymore. Gerrit tells us that the line is blurring between IP and broadcast, and therefore audio and video. Broadcasters want the two more closely integrated now that the industry has moved to file based workflows. “For the longest time we left the audio to the audio specialists. But, now that those borders are fading between IP, audio and video, it makes so much sense for us to include audio IP equipment,” says Gerrit, who has an IT computer background in addition to his 30 years in the broadcast industry.

Besides, he says, “I often tell people that audio is more important than video. Even though my company name is Burst Video, and we specialize in video, we all know that anyone watching TV will hang in there if the video disappears but immediately switch channels if the audio disappears.”

We couldn’t agree more, so we signed up Gerrit and his company Burst Video as one of our new dealers. Starting immediately, his company will be handling our networked audio consoles in Belgium and The Netherlands. You can click on or email Gerrit at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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