IP Audio Now!

WGN-TV shares live weather, sports, and traffic reports with WGN-AM, even though their studios are more than five miles apart.

WGN Radio_2_2560A single audio interface BLADE connects a WheatNet-IP audio network at each location, providing the live audio go-between for the AM’s morning simulcasts with WGN-TV anchors.

WheatNet-IP networking also makes it possible for WGN-AM to pick up ENG feeds from WGN-TV Master Control for local press conferences and other televised events – and, more recently, is being used for talkback communications during live traffic reports from the WGN helicopter. “We set up a bidirectional IFB from the AM, through the WheatNet to TV, and up to the traffic copter. We just push a button in the producer intercom panel, and like magic, talk to the copter and they talk back to us,” said Bill Murdoch, Engineer-in-Charge at WGN-AM, Chicago. WheatNet-IP provides both the IFB path and logic commands for triggering mix minus settings. The audio network includes integrated control, distributed intelligence and a complete audio toolkit with audio processing and mixing at connection points.

Both WGN-TV and WGN-AM use WheatNet-IP to route and control audio in their studios along with IP-networked E-6 audio consoles.

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