Kim Komando Goes IP Audio

Komando 1 300 1Oh, the irony.

Kim Komando’s talk show about gadgets and computer technology was turned down by two broadcast networks in 1994 because they said computers and the Internet were a passing fad. 

Of course we now know that IP is here to stay. And the irony? The Kim Komando Show, produced by WestStar, is now viewed on her television network streamed over the Internet, and it’s being distributed to 450 radio stations from a new studio facility that is – you guessed it – IP based.

The show started recording out of the high-tech facility in Phoenix last month.

Just about everything and anything audio related is hanging off of, routed through, or controlled by the WheatNet-IP audio network, including consoles, sub-mixes of audio, salvos to stop and start automation and satellite cues, even mic processing and IFB.

Each major studio is localized on its own edge Ethernet switch and has a WheatNet-IP BLADE-3 I/O, our IP access unit with audio tools such as processing and two stereo 8x2 utility mixers inside. That switch is in turn connected to a core Ethernet switch located in operations control.

Our Dee McVicker snapped these shots the day before the new studios went live.  

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