Your IP Question Answered: WheatNet-IP Audio Tookkit?

WNIP Toolbox2 420Q: I’ve heard people talk about the “audio toolkit” that comes with the WheatNet-IP audio network. Describe that.  

A: These are audio tools and resources that are part of our I/O units called BLADEs, which are located at IP connection points throughout the WheatNet-IP audio network.  For example, our BLADE-3s include multiband processing and two 8x2 stereo utility mixers. Having these tools at connection points means that they’re available and routable for any number of purposes, such as mix-minus and IFB creation, 5.1 processing, salvo and macro creation, and so forth. We also have separate HD-SDI de-embedder, MADI and mic preamp BLADEs.   

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